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Welcome to ACMEGS | Admission Opens (2023-2024)

Why ACME Global School?

Acme’s journey portrays the blend of excellence, innovation and collaboration.  Our goal at Acme Global School has always been to groom the learners at all levels so as to provide them equal opportunity to learn.


Every student is given the opportunity to excel beyond what they thought was possible. Our primary focus is to create intelligent, healthy, happy and well-rounded learners. The school has set standards for itself by being one of its kind in the city. Acme provides a holistic learning environment for every learner at the same time, creating space for each learner to explore their curiosities and interests.

Educators are well qualified and trained to meet the needs of the changing times, committed to provide a comprehensive learning program which is individualised for different types of learners, ensuring that every child emerges a ‘Winner’. Professional Development Programs ensure the teaching fraternity is always updated with the latest in technology and pedagogy, to be able to meet the needs of a vibrant and robust society and the world around us.


The curriculum and pedagogy followed at Acme has made this school as a chief dispenser of global and futuristic education with innovation and research being paramount ingredients. The school is affiliated to the CBSE and follows a uniform system of assessment for students.

Principal’s Message

Dear Learners Parents, Teachers, we are delighted to welcome you to Acme Global School. It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome the students, staff and all others who are visiting to read this message.


Education is about joy, wonder, fostering enthusiasm and curiosity along with the development of life skills. Education is the process of 4 E’s – exposure, exploration, experiment and experience. In the rapidly changing world, it is the need of the hour to understand that life is not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it is almost doing, being and becoming.


An integrated approach to curriculum implementation, enables students to generate knowledge, acquire skills, develop attitude and also help them in becoming the best of the human beings with strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and responsibility for purposeful living thus dispelling darkness within and illuminating the world outside.

Dr. Sahil Shagal

Principal , ACME Global School

At Acme Global School, we aim to cherish and build passion for learning, child-like curiosity and joy of discovery, in-depth domain understanding and an unconditional love for children. We ensure that a congenial environment for learning is maintained while making sure that children have enough opportunities to develop their personal and inter-personal skills. Values like integrity, truthfulness, compassion, to be passionate in whatever one does or chooses and the willingness not to give up on dreams but to believe in oneself that the wings are yours and that the sky is no one’s, is what we seek, to inculcate in our students.


We pride ourselves in creating a culture of learning which aims to build liberal and open-minded individuals with sound moral values, who in turn help in the process of building an inclusive future of just and humane society regardless of caste or colour or status.


We truly appreciate your interest in our institution and heartily welcome you to be a part of our school and experience the spirit of true professionalism, the innocence of childhood, the hunger for creativity, the pleasure of being connected with the inner self and the joy of being a member of a wholesome family.


Each child’s intellectual and personal passions are important to us and so our academic programs are designed to allow learners to try new things, take risks, be independent and build self awareness.

With a robust academic foundation and educators that encourages curiosity, opportunities to learn independently, we launch our students on a life long path to discover themselves with joy and enthusiasm for life, beyonds the walls of the school, with an ultimate aim of cultivating and nurturing them as global citizens. 

Acme’s Proud Moments


At Acme Global School, we believe that recognising potential in each child and nurturing it in their formative years lays a solid foundation to academic success and also, success that is beyond academics. We provide our students with a holistic environment that stimulates healthy development in all spheres. Our educators carry valuable professional expertise and years of experience which allows them to raise capable, humble and ambitious successful learners and future citizens. 

Parent's Testimonials


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