CBSE Mandatory Public Disclosure


At Acme Global School, we believe that recognising potential in each child and nurturing it in their formative years lays a solid foundation to academic success and also, success that is beyond academics. We provide our students with a holistic environment that stimulates healthy development in all spheres. Our educators carry valuable professional expertise and years of experience which allows them to raise capable, humble and ambitious successful learners and future citizens.

Monika Sehgal

English, 15+ Years
MA (English), M.Sc (Computer), B.Ed

Vivek Garg

PTI, 18+ Years

Gunjan Shagal

Eco./Business, 14+ Years
MA, B.Ed

Dr. Kanchan Bala

Accounts, 13+ Years
M.Com, B.Ed, PhD

Deepika Verma

Biology, 10+ Years
M.Sc (Microbiology), B.Ed

Rahul Jain

Math, 15+ Years
M.Com, B.Ed

Meenu Khurana

English, 10+ Years
BA, B.Ed

Sunaina Demla

Kindergarden, 9+ Years
MA, B.Ed

Shelly Batra

SST, 6+ Years
MA (Education), MA (Economics), B.Ed

Robin Kumar

Chemistry, 5+ Years
M.Sc Chemistry, B.Ed

Simran Rajdev

Math/Drawing, 5+ Years

Shweta Sharma

Kindergarden, 10+ Years
MA (English), MA (Sociology), B.Ed

Sheenam Khan

Urdu, 5+ Years
MA (Urdu)

Shashank Sharma

Math, 7+ Years
M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed

Poonam Chugh

Hindi, 16+ Years

Pooja Chawla

SST, 6+ Years
B.A, B.Ed

Aastha Sharma

Dance (Zumba) 14+ Years
BA English, Kathak Prabhakar, IPTA Certified

Rajat Kumar

Accountant, 5+ Years
MA (Social Science)

Somya Raj

Bio/Physics, 5+ Years
B.Ed, M.Sc (Microbiology), B.Sc (Biotechnology)

Pulwinder Kaur

Kindergarden, 5+ Years
BA (English, Economics, Pol. Science)

Ilma Khan

Computer, 5+ Years
B.Com, MBA

Pranjal Bansal

Science, 5+ Years
M.Sc Chemistry, B.Ed

Ilma Khan


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